3 doktora na rendom

22:00–23:00 – 2.1.2019.

Ed is trying to figure out why he keeps waking up in strange places.

Dr Fleischman is suffering from mysterious symptoms, but naturally doesn’t trust the locals’ diagnosis. Shelley has been singing for months.


Directed by:
Daniel Attias

Writing Credits:
Joshua Brand & John Falsey (created by)
Diane Frolov & Andrew Schneider (written by)

Rob Morrow, Dr. Joel Fleischman
Barry Corbin, Maurice J. Minnifield
Janine Turner, Maggie O’Connell
John Cullum, Holling Vincoeur
Darren E. Burrows, Ed Chigliak
John Corbett, Chris Stevens
Cynthia Geary, Shelly Marie Tambo
Elaine Miles, Marilyn Whirlwind
Peg Phillips, Ruth-Anne Miller
Graham Greene, Leonard Quinhagak
Scott LaRose, Neil Weisberg (as Scott Larose)
William J. White, Dave the Cook
Al Denbeste, Patient
Douglas Dirkson, Bar Patron


autor: Rendom